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  • Glacier Peak Holistics: Try this company's immune support! We love it!
  • Looking For A New Hobby?: Dog agility is a great activity to try with your dog!
  • Bark Collar Recommendation: Garmin Bark Limiter is our favorite. 
  • Eastern Vets: We highly recommend your dog see both a western and eastern vet.


  • Follow Your Leash Laws: Our local Animal Control Officer tells it to you straight!
  • Frankie Joiris Guest: Check out all her offerings at
  • ​Katie's Buckles: If you have trouble taking prong collars on and off, check out her website!
  • Heard of Dock Diving?: Does your dog love swimming? If so, try dock in addition! 


  • Dr. Karen Becker: We love all things she does, but check out her pesticide cleanse!
  • Boston Dog Lawyers: Follow their page on Facebook to stay in the loop of dogs and law.
  • RESEARCH FIRST: Before leaving your dog at a kennel, RESEARCH the facility. 
  • WAG Grooming Salon: If you live near Salem, NH, check them out!
  • Bee Problems?: Peppermint Wondercide is our holistic miracle product to the rescue!


"This couple not only is informative and great problem solvers who have great insight but they are hilarious! Highly recommend them for all your 'Quirky Dog' needs."

-Lisa K. from Pahrump, NV

"Great info from lovable stars! I enjoy the Scott and Jess team! They're the perfect mix of informative and fun!"

-Natalie W. from Dallas, TX

"Jess and Scott are considered experts in the field of dog training. Jess was even featured on the Oprah show! Now you can get their expert training advice whenever you want. They bring humor and passion to their show. I recommend this podcast to all dog owners!"

-Melissa D. from North Andover, MA

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